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Citibank nri services cutomer center

Citibank NRI Services has many types of NRI savings accounts like nre, nri,nro and fcnr account; demat account, share trading FCNR accounts,  nri housing  loan NRI loans, online bill payments, these citibank nri services are being provided  through Citibank Internet Banking  facilities. The Citibank NRI services – Rupee Checking Account can taken online. these citibank services enables the NRIs to online funds  transfers through seemless connection  facility to the Citibank nri services customers in Americas, australai, UK, Singapore and Citibank Global Transfers.

Type of Ctibank nri services

There are other type of citibank nri services to nri cutomers  which si not for customers in America and Australia is the Dollar Checking Account.   The Citibank NRI services deposit are rendered through rupee saving accounts (NRE & NRO accounts) and FCNR deposit accounts. All these accounts are accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in New York, USA or Singapore or Dubai or Sydney, Australia or the UK, Citibank NRI Banking services are available online through Citibank Internet banking.

These global investments include treasury services, structured products, brokerage on online share trading, fixed income securities and mutual funds.The NRI population spread across the globe can feel connected to India through the investment opportunities that they can avail through their Citibank NRI account.  You can also apply for the Citibank NRI Loan and investment products online.

you are expected to remember your card number or carry it with you to your bed)…then a password field that doesn’t accept key board input…instead a click driven virtual keyboard that changes its key sequences every time….

Honestly…I would like to see the face of the person who came up with this really user unfriendly idea to an internet banking site….

Well common sense is not so common…especially with big financial institutions like Citibank NRI…

The star is for their easiest feature….closing the account…just fax your account number, full name, new address …and they will close your account….:) funny though a thought on the user could have save thousands of customers like me from moving away to ICICI bank

Another special banking facility exclusively for the NRI customers of Citibank is the US Dollar Overdraft.Citibank offers home loans, rupee loans and foreign currency loans to its customers for convenient banking solutions, these are some of citibank nri services for nri’s.